One Year Reflection

One Year Reflection

Last summer, when I began telling people about a residential real estate business I was working on, most people took it as an opportunity to immediately gripe about agents and the home search process. While not my intended outcome, these comments provided an opening to dig deeper with homebuyers and practice my Socratic method. After many conversations, my findings could be easily summarized: Most homebuyers do not experience satisfactory value from their agent. Why? The agent did nothing to help them find a home.


The root of the problem is clear. Most home buyers are taking on the burden of the home search themselves and are not being supported by their agent. Unfortunately, many home buyers use search portals that are outdated with incomplete inventory. In addition, they often miss out on properties being marketed privately and often sold “off-market” as “pocket-listings.” In a competitive and inventory-restricted market such as the Bay Area, access to accurate and comprehensive listings is crucial.


The vision for PocketList is to create the most accurate and comprehensive source of home listings supported by top agents throughout the community. To accomplish that, we have created a search tool that includes a traditional MLS “public” listings channel as well as a “private” channel that serves pre-MLS and non-MLS listings directly from agent to buyer. This two-pronged search approach will ensure the most comprehensive and accurate information for the biggest purchase most people will ever make.


Critical to the value proposition of PocketList is our group of agents throughout the community. These agents are full-time, have on average 10+ years of experience in the industry, and are verified top performers. Our agents take an active role in searching for homes on behalf of their clients.


Since launching PocketList a year ago, we have stayed true to our vision and have continuously enhanced our mobile platform by adding new features, listings, and improving the user experience. We also have some exciting projects in the pipeline in the year to come. We welcome your feedback as we continue to grow and to improve!

Tom MacLeod
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  • Lori Fowler
    Posted at 12:32 am, September 29, 2016

    You make a good point. Happy 1 year anniversary to Pocketlist – may you continue to grow.

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