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Chicago’s Millennium Park

While there are many of reasons to visit Chicago’s Millennium Park at any time of the year, here are some highlights to keep in mind when you visit it.

New Tax Reform Hits Some Chicago Real Estate Home Buyers & Sellers Hard

New Tax Reform VS Chicago Real-Estate: For some owners, taxes will go up, and home equity will go down Many buyers may feel the impact too.

The Value Of Working With An Experienced Real Estate Agent

Are you wondering why you need a real estate agent to sell? Here are 8 good reasons why a good agent will improve your home selling experience

The Best Neighborhoods in Chicago

Did you know that Chicago has over 200 “unofficial” neighborhoods? When looking for the best neighborhoods make sure to check out these ‘5 ‘hoods’!

How To Buy A House In Chicago

Are you thinking of buying a house in Chicago – The Windy City? Here are a few things to consider before starting your journey